Any telesales manager will tell you tonality matters when making insurance sales calls.

But just sounding incredibly energetic the whole time isn’t going to cut it.

You have to know when to add inflection into your voice and when to bring a more serious tone to the phone call. How can you practice this part of your calls? We’ve got some ideas for you.

Record your insurance sales calls

Our founder, Cody Askins, used to place a recorder on his desk and record his half of the phone calls to listen to himself later. Hearing how you sound on the calls may be weird at first but stick with it. You’ll not only pick up when you let your tonality lapse but you’ll hear where you can improve verbiage and etc.

There are also apps you can download for free to record your calls on your cell phone. However, be sure your state allows this because it could be illegal. You may also have to let the other person know you are recording.

Put a mirror near the area you make calls

This is an old trick but can be a nice reminder.

You’ve likely heard the phrase “smile and dial.” So, having a mirror nearby can help remind you to smile (when appropriate) and improve your posture while calling. You may not always be cognizant of your frown or slouching.

Role playing

We must say it at least a couple times a week. But role playing is helpful in so many ways. You get to rebuttal objections, improve your phrasing, and work on your tonality all in one fell swoop. Doing it in the morning helps avoid “practicing” on your first few insurance leads of the day, missing out on sales.

Role playing helps not only you but, if you practice with fellow insurance agents, the other participant. So, if you have an office — you should be pushing to do this every single day.

If you need more help than just improving your tonality to close more insurance sales, Cody Askins’ foremost passion is training insurance agents on how to be more successful.

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